New Rambam Laboratories are equipped with the most innovative
analytical systems, thus enabling results within hours for an extensive
range of tests, without compromising quality or accuracy.
Modern technology (of the reagents and the equipment) contributes to this high standard.

מעבדות רמב"ם החדשות

Biochemical panel including: diabetes, fat, liver function tests, kidney function tests,electrolytes, cardiac enzymes, proteins, etc.

Hematological panel including: complete blood count, anemia investigation, blood typing.

Viral panel including: TORCH, Hepatitis (A, B, C), HIV, etc.

Hormonal panel including: Thyroid function tests, Pregnancy test, Fertility & Sexual hormones.

Cancer markers tests

Blood medication levels

Drugs abused

Sperm tests for fertility (in accordance with the regulations of PUA Institute, Fertility in accordance with Jewish Law).

Serology tests including: ANA, CRP, RF, ASOT (quantitative).

New Rambam Laboratories are the sole laboratories in Israel performing Acitest,
Fibrotest and Fibromax tests which evaluate the state of the liver for carriers of Hepatitis B and C and fatty liver.
The tests are simple, non-invasive blood tests.